Compassionate, Accommodating and Caring Professional

David Park is a compassionate, accommodating and caring professional. As a first time home buyer, I had many questions that he was able to answer almost immediately. Whether it was on weekends, late nights or early mornings, David was always available. He was with me throughout the entire process from initial questions on buying a home, showing you different properties, submitting offers, setting up a mortgage and closing.

In total, David showed me 15 different properties and when I wanted to re-see a couple of them, he was more than happy to pick me up and drive me to them.

David has lots of experience, strategies, and knowledge which ultimately landed me my first home. If it weren't for his recommendations on purchase price and escalation clauses, I would not have been able to find the optimal price where the seller and I were both happy.

David is well connected in the real estate space. Through his connections with a great lender, I was able to close within 20 days instead of the typical 30 days. This was definitely another reason why my offer got selected.

With the help of David, I'm happy to say I am a proud, new home owner. - Park, Seattle

Key to Success

David Park was extremely helpful in helping us close on our home. His knowledge in the real estate business, in our minds, was the key to our successful bid in purchasing our home. - Kim, Bellevue

Trusted Advisor

"When we started searching for our dream house, we knew the realtor selection would be one of the most important decisions we would make in the process, as both our bar and the market conditions set the expectations high. On one hand, we were first time buyers in the US and did not understand the process very well. While, on the other hand, we are quite experienced by having properties elsewhere and a clear idea of what house we wanted to buy. We also had a relatively short time period to find the house, as our lease was expiring and we did not want to find a temporary rental. Couple this up with record low inventory and houses being snagged within hours of being put on the market. In all this we wanted to have someone who could be a trusted advisor: having an opinion and voicing that, but without the used car salesman approach of just wanting the sale to be done at all costs. In all of this David Park was great. We've seen tons of houses, and sorted out through an order of magnitude higher. We've been through a couple of competitive bids that we unfortunately lost; but thankfully with David's help we deployed the right strategies and did not succumb to a bidding fever at all costs. David was always very patient and available almost 24/7, including weekends. At the end it all paid off as we found the ideal house. The process of closing was also exemplary. We knew given the market temperature that we needed to act fast. We saw the house the day it came on the market, a Friday. Made a bid the same day, and reached a non-binding agreement over the weekend. Monday was a holiday, notwithstanding, David was able to arrange an inspection and as such ultimately reached a binding agreement. A couple of months after the sale closed I had a brief conversation with the seller's realtor. She actually mentioned that she regretted closing so fast, as she got so many inquires afterwards and likely the house could have fetched a higher price. In the end, it pays to have someone good on your side" - Sakalus, Lakemont

Winner of the bidding war

"David Park is a very diligent agent. As our buyer's agent, he's very quick to look up new homes coming on the market, and checks with the listing agent on first-hand information for us right away. He has been very responsive to the questions we had for the seller and always followed up on those questions for answers. Whenever we had interest in certain house, he always tried his best to make himself available to promptly show us the home. In this fast moving real estate market, he was able to keep up with the pace of the competition to get our bid in, and advised us on market value and bidding range.

Eventually we were able to ride out the competing offer situation and locked in on a house that satisfied our future needs. So I wanted to thank David for his help throughout the whole buying process and making our purchase possible." - Zhang, Bellevue

Happy Client

"Thank you very much!! I love my new place, and it was very nice working with you. I don't have any critiques." - Christine, Seattle

Completely Satisfied

"Mr. Park's professional services were great and we are completely satisfied by his excellent services. We love our new home. Thank you!" - Lee, Issaquah

Relocated with very low stress

"My family moved from Montana to the Seattle area. David Park is an excellent Realtor. Not only does he have experience and extensive knowledge, he also has excellent people skills. David is one of the best Realtors in the area! He went above and beyond our expectation to make sure that all the bases were covered for our home purchase. Any details we didn't think of or questions we forgot to ask, he covered them all. He did a ton of research to find a very specific list of homes to show us and we were very impressed! He kept all of them in our price range and lower in some cases. The buying process was smooth and very low stress for us.

We highly recommend David Park for future home buyers! He has great tips on saving money as well. " - Alex & S. Kim, Mukilteo

Care for best interests

David Park was available almost 24/7 to respond very quickly throughout the process and even after closing. He helped negotiate well and I felt that he truly cared for my best interests. He went above and beyond my expectation. I'm happy that I worked with an excellent broker - Park